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Mother’s Day at school

Mother’s Day is a relatively new holiday – the popularity of this holiday is growing every year, as evidenced, for example, by the numerous events held in schools. In particular, not only teachers but also high school students are often involved in organizing a festive concert on Mother’s Day at school. Teenagers are actively involved in writing the script, staging numbers and dances, and decorating holiday wall newspapers. In addition to the concert, in educational institutions on Mother’s Day, themed class hours are often held on the role of the mother in the life of the child. Our today’s article is devoted to ideas for organizing an interesting and original holiday in honour of Mother’s Day for school children.

Interesting activities for Mother’s Day at school

As mentioned above, Mother’s Day does not have to be limited solely to a festive lineup or concert. It is much more interesting to have a comprehensive holiday with various activities for Mother’s Day at school. For example, you can devote several days or even a whole week to this holiday. Choose your own format of entertainment and events for each day. Alternatively, divide the celebrations into 3 days: on the first day, hold a literary competition dedicated to poems about mothers; on the second day, organize an exhibition fair with crafts, and on the third day – a festive concert with performances by students. You can also prepare a photo exhibition of school works, a talent competition, a sports competition on the theme of Mother’s Day. The main thing is to show a little imagination and connect the format of an interesting event at school with Mother’s Day.

Original events on Mother’s Day for school children

An unusual format with a trip will also be an excellent idea for an original Mother’s Day for schoolchildren. For example, you can organize a visit to a museum, exhibition, theatre, cinema together with the mothers of the students. After the main event, you can invite mothers and children for a walk in the park (weather permitting, of course), to a cafe or restaurant. The main emphasis in such an unusual format should be placed on the relationship between mother and child, the importance of joint leisure and entertainment.

Primary School Mother’s Day Script

In the elementary grades, due to the age characteristics of the students, it will not be possible to “walk-around” especially with long and multi-day activities. Still, it is still difficult for children to memorize large amounts of information and perform several different roles in various productions and concerts. Therefore, the most optimal option remains the option with a festive concert on Mother’s Day, the script for which in elementary school is prepared by teachers. Most often, children’s performances are taken as the basis for such a concert. As you might guess, all the numbers, which can be dances, songs, poems, scenes, are performed by children and are dedicated to dear mothers. However, move away from the standard format if desired in the scenario of Mother’s Day in elementary school is possible. Next, you will find some original ideas for such a holiday in elementary school.

Fantasy script for Mother’s Day in primary school

By the efforts of teachers and students, not an ordinary concert is held, but a whole theatrical performance is being created. This may be the realization of a script based on a famous fairy tale, book, cartoon, or it may be an absolutely author’s production. The theme of such a speech must necessarily overlap with the main idea of the Mother’s Day holiday. This should be a very kind and gentle speech, filled with words of love and gratitude.

An unusual scenario in elementary school for Mother’s Day

Another rather simple, but at the same time very unusual scenario for Mother’s Day in primary school is the format of a television show. It should be based on a popular and easily recognizable TV show, for example, Field of Miracles, Dancing with the Stars, Minute of Glory. You can also use multi-show format or use parody variations. In addition, such an unusual format makes it possible to actively involve the mothers of students, who must be among the guests of the holiday, to participate in the performances and competitions.

Script for Mother’s Day at school for high school students

For high school students, Mother’s Day at school is a wonderful occasion, through the original script of the holiday, not only to congratulate their beloved mothers but also to thank them once again for everything. After all, high school students, unlike their younger schoolmates, are already quite adult people, realizing how difficult daily maternal responsibilities can be. Therefore, high school students, as a rule, choose a script for Mother’s Day at school that is touching and at the same time original. It can be an amateur concert, a talent competition, or even a quest. You can find some interesting ideas for a Mother’s Day script with high school students below.

Scenario for an Active High School Mother’s Day

One of the most unusual options for a Mother’s Day holiday is an active format. This can be, for example, a sports competition with relay elements and active contests. Also, an interesting and active celebration can be held in the format of an unusual quest. To participate, you will need teams of mothers and children. Their task is to get to the finish line first with the help of prompts and fulfilment of certain tasks of the leader. It is better to take different tasks – for ingenuity, speed, endurance, erudition. This will not only diversify the event itself but also equalize the chances of the participants.


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